August 21, 2019
If life were always plain sailing it would be very boring. We all go through life challenges, everyone copes differently and reacts differently. 

Everyone has been through tough times but I am a firm believer that life won't chuck at you anything you can't handle. However, these things can in turn put strain on your mental health and it is so so important to look after your mental health, just as you would a broken foot or having the flu. 

When you're going through a tough time, it is so very hard to see through the shadows and realise life really isn't all that bad. You're stuck in this poisonous bubble that changes your perceptions and even the simplest of task can feel impossible. You lose your energy, you can't concentrate, you lack self-esteem or the confidence to do things you usually can. You want so desperately to be happy but there is a big hurdle in the way telling you you're not worthy of happiness, and that hurdle is your mental health. It can put a strain on other aspects of your life, you beat yourself down so much you tell yourself you're not worthy, and when people around you don't respond well to your struggle with mental health it can only make things worse. 

When talking to someone who hasn't ever suffered with mental health problems, it can be hard for them to understand as it is not a 'visible' illness. Doesn't make it any less real, or make you any less of in need of help or support - don't forget that. It is okay to not be okay. Just remember, its temporary. Sometimes, you just have to make it through the day and that is enough. Yes, every day is a gift but sometimes (just like when receiving gifts!) they aren't exactly what you wanted/planned for. Some days you won't enjoy and will be relieved when your head hits the pillow and that you have made it through another day. 

No matter what you're going through, or have been through, or are anxious about your feelings are valid. Life isn't a competition, everyone deals with things differently and yes your situation may not seem that bad to someone else, but it can still have a huge effect on you on the inside and that is also okay. Don't punish yourself for feeling, it is all part of being human! 

So when you're struggling, maybe even crying when you have burnt a piece of toast and everything seems like the end of the world know that it is okay to feel like this sometimes, but you won't forever. Accept your feelings, there is only so long you can feel down before life picks you up again. I promise you, appreciate the little things that make you happy, I think you'll find you have more things you're grateful for than you realise. 

When you're struggling, to help get through try some of the below
  • Surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally - these people won't judge you for how you're feeling and will offer kind words and a shoulder to cry on when it all gets too much. They will always be there for you, and understand that when you're feeling like this it isn't your fault. 
  • Do some exercise! - I know, it may seem like the last thing you want to do as you have zero energy. But once you get your body moving and your heart rate increases nothing but good vibes will flow through your viens, I promise you.
  • Just relax - take some time out, just to do... well to do nothing! Light a candle in your room, put on a face mask, listen to your favourite music and just lie there. 
  • Write down the good stuff - If you're like me and love stationary you would have probably already seen 'happiness/positivity journals' in shops. Thats because it works and it really can help! Write down at the end of the day what made you smile, even if its small like seeing a cute sausage dog. It counts. 
  • Help someone else & do good - I think its human nature that we get a warm fuzzy feeling from helping out others. It can be something little like simply cooking someone dinner, running an errand for someone, or even helping someone with their maths homework (if your'e good at maths!) 
  • Talk about it - its really not good to keep everything to yourself, it can make these bad feelings build up inside you until you literally crack. Talking about how you feel out loud always helps.

If you're struggling persistently and really unable to cope with daily life, do go talk to your GP. Your mental health is just as important as any other aspect of your health, so make sure you seek help if you need it. 

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