January 02, 2019
Okay, I am not a nutritionist expert, and I am not a dietician. However, I personally have tried my fair share of diets over the years, and learnt a lot about the diet world; it interests me!

January is a time for resolutions, the cliché 'New Year, New Me' and many people embark on losing weight to be their ultimate goal for the year ahead.

Already my gym is busy with new people joining (which I am so pro for anyone wanting to make a healthy lifestyle change, but I loathe how busy it gets!), diet books are flying off the shelves and online and people are cutting out their favourite foods to change for the better. It is a confusing time for all.

Everyone knows, well I hope everyone knows, that the only solution to lose fat is to burn more calories than you consume. That is science (thank you GCSE biology). So, I thought I would give my tips, experiences and thoughts on dieting to be successful.

Firstly, there is no one solution for everyone. We are all so different, with different motivations, different likes and dislikes and very different lifestyles. For example, I am not an active person, I spend most of my work days sat at my desk at work, which I drive to! Therefore, I burn far less calories as apposed to someone who is on their feet all day such as a nurse or a waitress etc. Take this into account when choosing a diet for you, if you're an active individual you still need enough calories for energy or you will make yourself unwell! You're mate who sits down all day in an office uses far less energy and therefore can afford to reduce their calorie intake more.

Secondly, I really strongly advise not completely depriving yourself of foods you love, unless you have very strong willpower. Psychologically, if you forbid yourself of a certain food, you're more likely to think about the food... if its on your mind you're more likely to want and crave that it. e.g. I made a massive deal about not eating any biscuits at work, and because I kept telling myself 'no biscuits, no biscuits', inevitably I kept thinking of delicious chocolate digestives and had about four of them with my cup of tea by 11am. Forbidding yourself may work for some people, but my advice is to not think about the food you're cutting out your diet. Keep distracted, and stocked up on snacks that are filling and nutritious.

It is okay to slip up, it happens, thats life. If you give in and indulge after a really rubbish day do not see it as defeat. Don't punish yourself, and don't give up and continue to indulge. Accept that you had a slip up, and get right back on it the next morning. One small slip up in a lifestyle change is not failure, it is part of the journey! Jump right back on it and continue to work toward your goal, whatever that may be.

My final bit of advice is my most important bit of advice, which in all honesty I am terrible at living by. Do not compare your journey to anyone else's. Let other peoples success inspire you, but just because you don't drop 10lbs in the first week like some girl on instagram did do not see this as you failing. I can't emphasise enough how everyone is unique and you will go at your own pace. Don't be disheartened along the way, and its true that you should love your body while working for the one you want (clicheé again!) but so true.

So there you have it, my tips on how to be successful this 2019 on a weight loss journey. I myself am hoping to lose a bit of weight, but I am not making any drastic changes! Just being more mindful of what I am eating, and reducing my sugar and alcohol intake (I am not depriving myself of chocolate biscuits!!) I am all for lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix. 

Please comment and share your diet tips, or if you have any questions let me know!

Zo x

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