August 20, 2018

Sometimes, life can feel over-whelming. Especially in this day and age, you hop onto instagram or facebook and see how fantastic everyone's life appears. Note my choice of word here-  'appears'. We don't post about the shit times on social media so it can look like everyone's life is amazing but really, we all have ups and downs.  Below are 10 small victories that remind me that I am doing better than I think I am, especially on days like today as I write this when I am not feeling my best. 
1. When at a concert for your favourite band/artist and they play your favourite song and you know the next 3-4 minutes are going to be some of the best minutes of your life. 
2. Those nights you get to sleep next to someone really special, and those few gentle minutes drifting into your sleep you can hear them delicately breathing and just knowing their right there next to you, alive and happy is the most comforting thing in the world. 
3. If i’m sad, alone in my room but don't want to actually speak to anyone, and your cat/dog/lizard whatever comes and just lays there with you and knows you just need someone there to hold. 
4. At the gym, when you’re really on a role and you push yourself further than you ever have before and realise how far you have come from when you first started, its a small achievement but it feels great. 
5. When someone you’ve met only once remembers your name and a fact about you, and its just nice to know someone took interest in you and even something so small makes you feel slightly better about yourself. 
6. Watching a movie, and getting so emotional you literally cry your eyes out, humans are compassionate and even though you dont know the people in those films, humans naturally care for each other. Makes you feel alive.
7. Seeing an old friend and feeling like you’ve never been apart, and being in so much laughter your stomach actually hurts and you realise that you can never really drift apart no matter what life throws at you. True friendship never fades.
8. When a parent says just a normal good night or whatever and they randomly tell you how proud they are of you. Not because you did anything special that day but they are just proud to call you their child. 
9. When you’re not feeling your best, put you pull yourself together, get dressed, put your make up on, and do your hair and you look in the mirror when you’re about to leave the house and smile, you are fabulous just the way you are. 
10. When someone asks your advice on something, and you realise that people trust you and your knowledge. Its a little boost that makes you feel great about yourself and that you have been recognised as someone they admire enough to ask for advice from. 

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