May 25, 2018
You did it. You tackled through dissertation, and the endless days sat in the library have finally come to an end, you should be so, so proud. University is tough, so first things first is you should celebrate! I can't believe I finished university a whole year ago now, its flown by but it hasn't been easy adjusting back to 'normal life'. At university you're in a bubble, you're in 'uni world' and it can be really difficult to say goodbye to the last few years you spent studying your degree, so here are 5 things from my own experience that you may expect after finishing university and moving back home, with a bit of advice. 

  1. It’s okay to not have any idea what to do when you finish 
No really, it is rare for someone to know the exact next steps they are going to take after university. You just completed something really tough and challenging, it’s okay to just take some time to breathe! Take your time to figure out what you want to do next be it get a job, grad scheme, go travelling, whatever it may be. For all the relatives and family friends who ask what you’re doing next, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to say that you actually just ‘don’t know’. 

  1. No one really addresses this or speaks up about this, but you may feel quite low 
It takes a lot to adjust, you have been used to living with your friends, working to your own agenda and having independence and suddenly you’re back in your home town. Living with your parents (for most people anyway) and for me personally, it was very much an anti-climax. I felt very lost after I finished university, and this is okay, its normal. It's been a year now, and it has literally flown by! Remember to talk to the people around you if you are feeling low or just a bit lost – I promise you, you’re not alone! 

  1. You will have collected a lot of STUFF – Have a good clear out! 
Moving back home, I had to combine two bedrooms into one along with all the other things I had collected in my 3 years away from home. I had so much clutter it actually stressed me out so one of the first things I did when I left my uni house was to go through and have a big clear out and tidy. It made my bedroom ‘mine’ again, I even got a new floor and got rid of this ugly carpet I used to have to make my bedroom my sanctuary away from my crazy family (I love them but I need my space- okay!?) I now love being in my room as its organised, neat and is mine

  1. Your free time is actually your free time again!
I don’t know about you, but when I was going through university and had various assignments looming over me, I felt guilty taking time out my day to just do things I enjoy. My evenings I could never fully relax as I knew I could have been reading a relevant journal, or analysing some of my research. Now, your evenings/weekends/whenever you’re not working is actually your free time! You don’t have to think about what you should/could be doing because you’re spare time is yours to do as you please. Thank goodness, you can finally binge watch your favourite shows without feeling as guilty. 

  1.  This may be kinda lame - but follow your dream
You may find after studying accounting for the last few years that you actually HATE the subject, and have always wanted to be dancer. That's okay! Just because you've done a degree in a certain subject does not mean you're wedded to do that for the rest of your life. If you feel like going travelling, save up and go. If you feel like training to do beauty, and thats your dream then do it! A degree is an amazing achievement, and something to have up your sleeve always but remember that life is what you make it, and happiness should come before anything. You may potentially earn more if you carry on with Law, but will it make you happy and fulfilled in life? Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. (soz for the cringe-ness) 

So there you have it, 5 things you may expect/what to think about when finishing your university life. You may want to continue studying, move back home and work, move somewhere new for work, go travelling. There's no right or wrong thing to do, but make sure that whatever you do, is for you. Now go pop some champagne, and celebrate your success! 

What have been your experiences from finishing university? Are you particularly anxious about the future? Remember to speak up and talk to people, they will listen and help you figure things out. 

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  1. yes yes yes to this! I can't believe we graduated a year ago, and I still feel lost as to what I want to do for the rest of my life aha! Only thing I know for sure is that we shall be travelling the world together! xx




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