May 01, 2018
I’m going to be honest, this is my favourite thing to do at the gym. You can’t just do a million squats in your bedroom in order to grow your booty, there is much more to it than that! I am going to give you guys my top 5 booty workouts, that you will feel the next day and help you to grow muscle – and you’re going to have to use some heavy weights in order to really see results!

1) The most effective exercise in my opinion is weighted hip thrusts. Do this with your shoulders and head resting on the bench, with a weight resting on your hips (you can use a barbell or dumbbell but try and cushion it (unless you want two lovely bruises on your hips like I did once – oops!) I do about 10 thrusts, then I hold it for about 5 seconds at the top then go down and rest. I do 4 sets, and currently use either 15kg or 20kg. I finish my 4 sets with trying to hold it at the top for as long as I can so I really feel a difference! 

2) I love using the smith machine in order to work on my glutes (you can use it for much more than just squats!). Try doing some leg presses on the smith machine, and you will really feel the buurrrrnn in your glutes, and your quads. Lay on your back with your bum underneath the bar, put your feet on the bar and flick it off the rack and simply push the bar up and down, I do 12 reps x 4 times. You can afford to go heavy on this, but do one practice one with light weight to get used to the movement. 

3) Another exercise I love for my glutes is using the cable machine to do cable kickbacks. There are many variations you can do for this, but I find most effective is standing upright, knees slightly bent and abs drawn in, kick one leg back until you its fully extended and you feel it in your glutes, pause for a moment before slowly bringing it back to start position. I do 4 sets of 10 reps on each leg for this, with as much weight as you can handle!

4) Dumbbell bench lunges, this are one of my absolute favourite things to do in the gym, as you will really feel it (I promise!). You’ll need a bench and two dumbbells, I usually use about 8kg dumbbells in each hand. Stand with one leg resting on the bench behind you, and go down as low as you can. I do four sets of 8 reps (per leg). 

5) Lastly, cable pull throughs. This is super easy, but super effective. Attach the rope fitting to the cable machine, and put it all the way down as low as possible. I normally use about 15kg for this. Stand with your back to the machine, and strand straddling the cable with your feet more than shoulder width apart. Reach between your legs as far as possible, bending at the hips and then extend through the hips keeping your arms straight. Again, I do four sets of 12 reps for this one. 

Of course, the most well-known move is those heavy weighted barbell squats. Don't be afraid to use the squat rack to go heavy (just make sure you know how to use it properly first!). Go heavy and do fewer reps to really start to build that muscle. 

I What are your favourite moves? Let me know if you want to try any (or if pictures/videos would be more helpful?) 

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