April 09, 2018
I often go to post things on my personal instagram (not a story, like an actual post) and I will ponder it for hours. I will edit it- the filter and brightness and contrast and colour temperature and stare at it. I will spend a good few minutes thinking of a caption.  What feels like hours later, its all ready to post but then I don't because I fear what people will think of me. What if I don't get any likes or if the angle of my face makes my nose look bigger that is actually is?? What WILL people think of me?

How crazy is that. I don't think this is just me either. 

We live in 2 worlds these days. The real world, and the online world. Literally, there is an online version of everything. I guess that's just the way the world is but why do we worry about what we post online so much? You can't have a face to face conversation with someone and worry about what angle they are seeing you from. You're just you, so why are we so concerned online about how others perceive us and why should we even care anyway?

Yes, we worry about what we look like when we leave the house, but worrying about how you're perceived online is a whole other thing. Its exhausting. I could post a photo of me 'feeling myself' but then post it on social media and instantly feel about as attractive as a sausage roll if I get few likes. It is not healthy!  And why should we stand for it?

What even is the point in social media if we distort images of ourselves and make people perceive us as something we aren't? If someone doesn't like what you post or has anything bad to say about it... then f**k them.

The message behind this post is simple: 

Don't be afraid to be you. You are not made up of photos on an instagram page, you are a human being with a heart and soul and you cannot be summed up in a pictures. The people whose opinions you should really care for are those close to you, and they aren't going to judge you if you put up yet another selfie of you and your cat (probably tease you a little yes but not think of you any differently!).

Please remember, there are more important things in life than how many likes your pictures get. Don't let it control you or upset you. You don't need measly likes to justify how amazing you are, you should already know.

What are your views on appearance on social media? Have you ever edited a photo of yourself or taken down a picture as it got no likes? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts as this is a very interesting topic to me! 


  1. yes to this!! I think social media is good when you stay true to yourself and keep it fun, I try not to spend too much time scrolling through my feed because a lot of the time people are just showing the best of themselves, which might make our lives seem inadequate in comparison when that's not the case!


  2. I want to make a post like this because I've been thinking this for a long time. I try to avoid social media and focus on honing the 'real me' in real life first!

  3. Ah this is so interesting and relatable! I recently made a personal Instagram account and I love posting on there more than on my blogger account - because things have to be a certain way. I usually don’t care about judgement in real life but online it’s another story, everything has to be ‘perfect’. Which is so annoying! I’d rather just me myself on social media to be honest xx

  4. This is too relatable! I spend so much time getting the ‘perfect shot’ and then edit and try and make it fit my feed so that people will like it and my page.. I feel like people don’t want to see ‘real life’ though 😫 - x

  5. You are totally right, Z. I actually put down some of my photos just because nobody liked it and when somebody in real life came up to me and teased me for one of my photos I kind of got offended. We shouldn’t let others and especially not social media define us who we are. We are more worthy than some numbers.
    Totally agree with you there, girl!
    xx Hilal |


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