April 17, 2018
We are a busy generation, we lead busy lives and its sometimes hard to find the time to exercise (yet we always find 15 mins to scroll through instagram...). On days where I am just too busy to get to the gym, or the gym is closed (my gym closes at 6pm on Saturday and Sunday!!) I find little ways to get exercise in to boost my energy, and at least give my body a good stretch.

So below are 8 ways you can sneak in some exercise into your everyday routine, no matter what you have planned and how much time you have. 

1. Okay, you may laugh at this one but when I am brushing my teeth (2 minutes morning and night) I also do some squats/ lunges. You can do quite a few squats in 4 minutes, and you will feel better for it! 

2. If like me, you spend a lot of time sat at a desk behind a laptop make sure you get up and walk around as much as you can. I also think of friends when Monica tells Chandler to squeeze his butt cheeks at his desk which I actually do sometimes....

3. Okay- this one is fairly obvious but always. take. the. stairs. Seriously, you will feel energised for it, burn calories and avoid potentially getting trapped in a lift with some strangers/coworkers and who wants that? (I know thats not likely but still.. stairs is a safer option) 

4. Whenever I drive anywhere, I used to park as close to the place I was going as possible, its common sense right? Wrong. I always used to moan at my mum for parking as far away as she possibly could, but she said it helps her just get a bit more walking in and she's so right! Park just that little bit further away, and give your lungs some fresh air! 

5. One of my housemates during my time at university would touch his toes every single morning when he got out of bed. We all joked about it and teased him but actually he was on to something... Stretching in the morning is so good for you, helps get your blood flowing around your body and gives you more energy for the day ahead. I have started to stretch my body as soon as I jump out of bed (and touch my toes) and I feel better for it.  

6. The time before you shower is the best time to get sweaty. Am I right? Use it! Before you hop in the shower be it in the morning or evening, you can spare 5 minutes to do some quick cardio - do some burpees/jumping jacks/ tuck jumps... anything to get your heart rate up! You'll feel even more rewarded when you get out the shower both clean and revitalised. ahhh. 

7. When you're waiting around for the kettle to boil or for the microwave bing or the adverts on tele... whatever! Those are a few minutes you could be getting active. (in your own home ideally, might look a little odd at the office...) Try holding a plank while you wait make a cup of tea! 

8. I don't imagine everyone will want to get on board with this one... but I am going to put it out there anyway. I love music, listening to music is really important to me. So when I listen to music, I like to dance around my bedroom (as my good friends on snapchat are well aware of- sorrynotsorry). It makes me feel happy, and I usually really work up a sweat!

So there you have it. 8 easy ways you can get some extra exercise in every single day. Please let me know if any of you take these on board or can share any ways you manage to add in exercise to your every day routine? 

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  1. ok as from tomorrow, I'm going to use my teeth brushing time to do squats aha! see how long it lasts :')


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