April 12, 2018

Taking inspiration from my best pal Giana and her post on 30 things that bring her joy, I decided to also take the time to think and write up 30 things that bring me joy in life. It really made me realise that you have to appreciate the little things in life, and there is so much to be grateful for every single day (even on those days where everything seems to go wrong). We might focus on the negatives in our life but if you look at the bigger picture, life is made up of these small simple pleasures that bring us happiness everyday.

1) When a traffic light turns green as you approach it so you don’t have to stop
2) When a cat chooses to sit on you over anyone else in the room
3) When your excel spreadsheet formula works perfectly
4) Receiving flowers (from anyone not just 'love interests')
5) Taking the plastic cellophane off of a new DVD
6) Wearing matching underwear and feeling like a boss
7) Seeing your favourite person's name flash up on your phone
8) Walking bare foot in the summer (ideally on a beach)
9) Beating a PB in the gym and feeling like a superstar
10) Going for a long, relaxing run (especially in the evening on a nice day as the sun is setting and its so pretty)
11) Getting lost in a really good book
12) Dunking a biscuit in a cup of tea
13) My dressing gown, just brings me joy to wear it
14) Making other people laugh (be it with me or at me)
15) Putting on an out of office (woo holiday/long weekend!)
16) Watching someone open a present you bought them knowing they are going to LOVE it
17) When someone you don’t know that well remembers a really minor detail about your life and its just a big huge compliment that they took interest in you
18) When your poached egg comes out perfectly and you feel like a domestic goddess/ egg queen
19) Dogs, just dogs in general. Especially sausage dogs
20) Hearing my mum/dad say they are proud of me
21) Showering when you’ve just done a super sweaty tough workout and feeling like a new woman when you get out all clean and fresh
22) Long catch ups with good friends over good coffee (and probably laughing until my stomach hurts)
23) Seeing and exploring new places
24) Having my hair played with
25) Baking something delicious and making a mess in the process
26) Sitting in a pub garden with an ice cold G&T when the sun is shining
27) Seeing my food come towards me in a restaurant
28) Scented candles, because I am basic
29) Coming across an old photograph/something that triggers a particular memory and reminiscing for a few moments
30) Freshly shaven legs on freshly washed sheets.... its bliss

What brings you joy? I really enjoyed writing this post as it made me realise all the little things that I am thankful/grateful for in life. I could go on and on really!


  1. yay glad you did this! can't wait to see you and the joy you bring into my life <3


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