March 19, 2018
So, I was inspired by everyone who took part in Veganary, so I decided to do it in February (shorter month- thank goodness!). It was a challenge, but I did really enjoy the 4 weeks and I learnt a lot from it which I am going to share with you lovely people!

Firstly - I know you're dying to know... Did I lose any weight? 
Initially, I did! I lost 2kg in the first two weeks. However, I started to get so hungry as I wasn't getting enough protein and never feeling full I began to eat soooo many carbs (no regrets- carbs are great) and I actually ended the month just over 1kg lighter than when I started. Success? Maybe... I did eat a lot of chips and pasta...

What about going out for food?
Turns out, a lot of restaurants, especially chain restaurants actually all have vegan options! I was pleasantly surprised when going out to eat, (Wagamama do an excellent vegan menu) and I think I ended up eating Pizza Express vegan pizza like 3 times- vegan cheese isn't actually that bad!
However, there was one occasion where I could literally only eat some leaves and plain chips, sad times. But overall, its easier than you think to go out for food when vegan! Check out https://veganuary.com/eating-out/ and it gives you all the options you can have at most chains - Dreamy.

Appreciate how dairy is in EVERYTHING 
Honestly, dairy sneaks into so many foods. I was buying a soup for lunch and even the vegetable soups contained milk! Say goodbye to a lot of easy snacks like cereal bars because literally guarantee they will have milk or egg in. So what did I do? I made my own....

Get creative in the kitchen
I made the most delicious vegan twix bars and peanut butter squares, they were so yummy my entire family tucked in and they were gone rather quickly! The recipes I used for these are below. As I couldn't eat eggs, I began to make vegan overnight oats (which I still LOVE!) and got creative with my food. You can make some really yummy recipes without any animal by product, my favourite was my lentil ragu I made, as well as some amazing soups and salads (I ate so much hummus I am surprised I am not a chickpea)
Vegan treats recipes from: http://www.crazyvegankitchen.com/recipe-index/

Other benefits 
I have combination/dry skin, but going vegan really made my skin *glow*, my face was clear, nourished and healthy.  I think I put down to cutting out dairy, which I now reduce in my diet to keep my skin clear.
It stopped me from eating when I wasn't hungry. I can never say no to a biscuit/chocolate at the office, but during this time I was able to say no and wasn't eating unnecessary treats. I would only eat when I was actually hungry not when there were delicious tempting treats around, and I actually stopped craving such treats as chocolate and cake and biscuits (crazy- I know).
You're helping the environment. You're saving water, helping reduce pollution, and saving animals lives! The facts and science behind it is all there, and I'm not saying everyone should go vegan at all but maybe if we all reduce the amount of animal byproducts we consume we could help to make the planet more sustainable... who knows...

So in summary...
Being a vegan in this day and age really isn't too difficult, it is definitely a way of life you can successfully obtain should you wish to. I tried it, I didn't hate it but I missed having a poached egg on my avo toast and real milk in my tea (and cheese, my god I love cheese).
Going vegan definitely made me appreciate the food I eat, where it comes from and be more creative with my ingredients so all in all, was a really positive experience!

Have any of you gone vegan or are thinking of taking on the challenge? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments! ✌🏼

Photo credit: https://www.livekindly.co/20-vegan-instagram-accounts/


  1. Im thinking about going vegan for a while. I think that it will be easy for me, I would just have to plan my meals. I don't want to depend on eating out, so I would have to find recipes that I could make. Meats are not all that good for you, and a vegan lifestyle is more healthy. Health is wealth!! Nice Read! www.kingbraswell.com http://eepurl.com/doqoYP

  2. I've been trying to go vegan, but I found out that I should do a diet that best suits me. I agree that cheese is life, I just love cheese and unfortunately I haven't found a supplement, but I drink plant-based milks rather than cow ones, I just prefer the taste.
    Nice post :)



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