March 28, 2018
So, you got a big night out in a months time and you want to look and feel your best? Or maybe you just are wanting to feel comfortable in your jeans and less self conscious? Whatever the reason is for wanting to shift a few pounds, strictly cutting out your favourite foods from your diet is not (always) the way to go, its not sustainable.

How do I know this? I will admit- I am borderline obsessed with my body image (what female of our generation isn't- even just a little bit!?) and I have tried various diets, been super strict and done my research. Truth is... its seriously confusing. There are so many different diets and contradicting information out there it is hard to workout what you need to do to see results.

From my experience - cutting out my favourite foods (for me: probably biscuits and chocolate....) does of course work, but only in the short term. There will be a day down the line where I binge, or I will try and fill the 'hole' with other foods that are actually worse and throwing my progress off track.

Whats the answer then? Moderation.
Eat cake on your friends birthday, have cocktails when you're out, enjoy a biscuit with your tea and for goodness sake if you want a bowl of carbs for dinner then eat a bowl of pasta and go to bed satisfied. Listen to your body, this doesn't mean 'my body is asking for takeaway everynight' is justifyable, but sometimes depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy is just a relapse waiting to happen as its harder to maintain.

I am not a nutritionist, and I am not claiming to know all the answers but what I do know from my experience, and those close to me that the way to success in the long term is through consistent and regular exercise, a balanced diet and loving the body you are in while working toward your goal. Don't ever punish yourself, and listen to your body. Eating one salad isn't going to make you wake up lighter, as is eating one bag of crisps going to make you any heavier... balance people!

In conclusion... yes you can still have your favourite foods while dropping a few lbs! Just ensure its in moderation, you are eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly and you are on the right track. Cutting out the good stuff can be a quick fix, but not sustainable for the long term (can you imagine life without sweeties!?)

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  1. moderation deffo is key! I've managed to lose 12kg and still sneak in a piece of chocolate every day aha! xx



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