March 17, 2018
Personally I think I have come a long way from where I first began in the world of fitness. I used to be terrified of going into the weights section, and not have a clue what I am doing then go home after literally 20 minutes of cardio and and a few minutes of attempting to use other things and failing. 

I do not claim to be a fitness guru or anything, but I love doing my research and learning things. I have probably tried every core move in the book, and these are the 5 that really make me feel the difference the next day and are my go to moves for when I really want to feel the burn. 

1. Leg Raise with Weighted Pull Over 
This move is super easy and super effective. Its more than just a leg raise, and it's engaging your entire core. You can do this on a mat, or if you want to challenge yourself do it on a bench. 
Simply lay on your back, with a weight of your choice in your hands (I usually go for a 5-10kg dumbell/medicine ball/whatever I can grab). Raise your legs and arms at 90 degrees and lower your legs and arms simultaneously. 
x12 reps 

2. Plank Hip Dips 
Planking is great, but there are so many ways you can mix it up and this is my favourite way to do so.  Get into plank position (make sure your bum is down and your back is as flat as possible!) and simply rotate your hips from side to side. This move will really help work on your waist, and engage your lower back at the same time.
x 20 reps 

3. Weighted Decline Russian Twists 
I LOVE this and I always try and squeeze it in whatever I am no matter what I'm working on at the gym. Its super easy, you will need to be on a ab board/bench with a decline in order to really feel this one. Lie back, with a weight of your choice in your hands (I use 5kg-10kg) and I do as many reps as possible! Lie back with the weight in both hands, and as you get up, twist to the left bringing the weight to the left hand side of the bench, lie back down and repeat to your right and so on. 
x 20 reps 

4. Butterfly Sit Ups 
So much better than the boring and conventional sit up. To perform a butterfly sit up, lay on your back with the soles of your feet together, arms straight behind your head. Perform a sit up and touch your feet, to make it harder, bring your feet in closer towards your bum to really feel it and remember to exhale as you sit up. This move will give your hips a good stretch as well as working your core. 
x12 reps 

5. Weighted Side Bend 
Stand with your legs shoulder length apart, and take a weight of your choice in your right hand with your palms facing your body. I usually use 10kg (dumbell or whatever you can grab hold of!). Keeping the rest of your body as still as possible, bend to the right at your waist while keeping your back straight, bend as far as possible, pause for a moment then return to start position. Once you have done your desired number of reps, switch to the other side - easy! 
x10 reps each side 

I have specified how many reps I personally do of each exercise usually, and I follow this sequence through three or four times. 

I hope you all find this useful and this is clear - would pictures help? Let me know your comments as I would love to know, and please share with me any of your favourite core moves. 
Next time I will be sharing my favourite booty moves (I get complimented on my booty a lot- you will want to know trust me!) 


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  1. butterfly sit ups are a new one for me! Will deffo be incorporating this into my next gym sesh! xx




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