January 20, 2018

Beat The January Blues 

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Feeling a little low at the start of the year is completely normal, I personally feel like it's just me but when you look a little deeper and talk to people you realise you're not alone - literally everyone is feeling the same way (unless you're like, Beyonce or something). 

So January is a really important time to practice self love. Its cold, dark, the holidays are over, the summer is so far..... it really isn't all doom and gloom though. Here are a few quick tips to help get our of a slump and love the fabulous person you are. 

Have that glass of wine tonight, eat that cookie you've been thinking about all day and for god sake buy a nice coffee if you want one! If you're like me, your bank balance is probably not looking the healthiest at the start of this year but doesn't mean you treat yourself to little things. Besides, we should appreciate the little things in life. 

Again, you don't have to go to the salon and get fancy treatments... this could just be simply painting your nails and toes, exfoliating and moisturising your entire body and putting cucumber over your eyes while listening to Ben Howard. Just take some time to make yourself feel good, have a bath with some candles and everything.  

It's really easy at the start of the year to say, 'I'm going to run 5k', 'I'm going to give up cheese', 'I'm going to find the love of my life'..... but are they realistic? Of course they are! But you don't set yourself anything you aren't passionate about achieving. Write them down, on your phone or the first page of your diary (somewhere you'll see them frequently) to remind yourself what your objectives are and how much you are smashing them. 

The benefits of getting your blood pumping are endless. Not only will you feel accomplished after, but it will raise those serotonin levels and chemically boost your mood. This doesn't have to be HIIT classes at the gym or running a marathon, it can be simply going for a walk or swim regularly and just keeping active. Plus, you'll see results and that in itself will make you feel amaaazing. 

If you're anything like me, you'll have like 5 series you've been meaning to watch on Netflix, about 10 books you'd like to read, art galleries/exhibitions you'd like to visit and friends you haven't seen in a while. We get busy, and we just continue to put it off. So make time, set aside a date or an evening each week to just do something you want to do. For me - its writing my blog! I have so many ideas in my head but I find it hard to find the time, but I really enjoy it! 

It's so easy to look back and wish you had done stuff different and wish things were different. Focus on the positive things in your life and be grateful for all the things in your life. Sometimes I get annoyed that I don't own all the sausage dogs and kittens in the world and I don't have a walk in wardrobe but at least I have my health, a job, a hot chocolate in my hand and a really good new highlighter palette... 

So, it may not be summer yet and we aren't going to festivals or drinking cocktails by the pool or having BBQs with friends just yet, but take this time to focus on YOU and improving yourself, loving yourself and being the best version of yourself. 

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