May 28, 2017

For the first weekend in a very very long time, I have no assignments hanging over me or the dreaded dissertation... how does it feel? It doesn't actually feel real yet!
I've spent this morning reflecting on the last 4 years, and it really is incredible how fast it goes and how much I've grown as a person. Thinking about going to University? I'd say definitely go! Here are some of the most valuable things I've learnt over my time at Bournemouth University:

- It's okay to say no to going out! Not everyones idea of university is blowing their loan on jager bombs and cheesy chips on a night out. Obviously, it is a part and it can be very fun but don't feel pressured to constantly go. The reason you go to University is to get a degree, and that comes first.

-Avoid binge-watching series around deadlines Ok, this may be kind of obvious but seriously, I made this mistake in second year when I discovered the world of Gossip Girl. I lost many hours of sleep and my mind was thinking more about Chuck and Blair's love story than my revision.... Netflix is great but also your worst enemy.

-New friendships are the most valuable things you'll walk away with Not everyone you meet at university will be your cup of tea, and 'different' to your friends back home... embrace it! I've met some really amazing people my time here, some have become my closest friends and will remain my closest friends (for life- hopefully!)

-If you're struggling, talk to people I don't know of anyone who has been to university and thought it was a complete breeze... its hard. You have so many different things to juggle its hard to even get enough sleep. I have had some major downfalls and felt completely lost and struggling to cope. Talk to your friends, pick up the phone, you are not alone! Everyone is in the same boat after all.

-Don't let assignments rule your life It's so important to have an escape. Whether this be a club or society, the gym, or a part time job. You need to have something else to keep you sane! For a few hours each week, do something productive that completely takes your mind off uni work for a while.

University isn't for everyone, its hard work, but its fun and you get much more than a degree out of it at the end of it.

I'm really going to miss being a student (and the student discount!) But I'm very excited to begin 'adult life'. Heres to the next chapter!


  1. I've just finished university and these are all move than true! Especially talking about any issues that you have x

  2. I finished uni a couple of years ago and went to my local one so I lived at home. I personally didn't have the best time at uni but you're right; it's about the degree first and foremost!

    Sian x


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